Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Family reunion

Four years ago I posted the above image, dated 1887, of a young French woman named Alexandra Marie Fulton de Lipowski. Thanks to a message from a Lipowski descendant I can now post the following photo, which shows her older sister Marie.

The photographs were taken at the same studio, Photographie Prost in Meaux, and in all likelihood they were taken on the same day, as the clothing and pose are nearly identical except for the sisters' pins. Marie's photograph has remained with the family, but Alexandra's somehow wandered across the Atlantic, where I found it in an antique shop. The reverse of the photo is shown below.

Both of the sisters lived long lives. Alexandra, who was married at least twice, died in 1971 at the age of 97. Her sister Marie had died the previous year at 98.

Thanks JH for the information. Alexandra's photograph has now rejoined the family in France.


Michael Leddy said...

That‘s the message-in-a-bottle dimension of the open Internet that I like so much —put something out there, and maybe someone will find it. It‘s great when that happens with a post.

Chris said...


Message-in-the-bottle is definitely the mode around here!

Tororo said...

Yet another good place to say: hi, how are you?

Chris said...

Hello, Roland! I'm well.