Sunday, January 22, 2017


These photos were taken in and around a tiny dry stream-bed or rill a few minutes' walk from where I live. Partly obscured by fallen trees, the location is only a few yards off a well-traveled trail, and there are signs of occasional visitors (water bottles, beer cans), but all things considered it's surprisingly pristine. There's no visible water in the gully, at least at the moment, but the water table is high enough to support a rich growth of mosses, lichens, fungi, and other flora. There are some interesting rock formations and veins of minerals as well.

I spent an hour or so clambering up the slope, trying to avoid crushing the delicate vegetation, taking as many photographs as I could, until I reached a knoll surmounted by the stone sentinels shown below. I'll go back again, but in the future I'll stick to the edges. Some things need their own space.

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