Thursday, February 23, 2006


We can draw back.

You can come with your numberless armies, with your machines, but we will have moved on ahead of you. Even when you think we are surrounded we will not be there when you come.

We can live in your shadows. We can live under your houses. We can live in spaces you have built and then forgotten, in crevices you can not imagine.

We can always go farther away, farther down, farther inside. Because there is no space too small for us to inhabit.

We will take our scrolls and our memories and you will know nothing of them, not ever. You will never understand us.

You can cover every inch of the surface of the earth with your presence. We will find a space inside you and you will never feel us there.

In time we will fill every vein in your body. We will quicken and break apart your bones and you will crumble to dust.

Even then we will not try to dominate you. We will simply flow away, like water.

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